Girls Wear Shirts
A multimedia theatre performance exploring mothers, daughters and sexual awareness.
Written and directed by Hilarie Burke and Calliope Porter
Video by Adam Larsen
Photographs by Benjamin Porter

SILENT PARTNERS Opens a new show titled Girls Wear Shirts. This multimedia, movement theater performance explores the relationship between mothers, daughters and sexual awareness. Girls Wear Shirts is performed and written by Hilarie Burke and her daughter Calliope Porter who have spent the last year of their lives exploring the nooks and crannies of their subject within the family context.

In true SILENT PARTNERS form, this performance is a series of vignettes that makes full use of inventive costuming, props, including a unicycle, and camp humor. The video, by Adam Larsen which includes the black and white photographic artistry of Benjamin Porter, is the scenery for the show. Movement, text, song and audio / visual collages carry the audience thorough a girls life into adulthood. The pieces touch on early awareness, family dynamics, personal stories, biological realities, generational differences and hall mark facts that have molded our societies responses to sexuality and youth.

This show is appropriate for teenagers and adults.

This performance is supported in part by the North Carolina Arts Council and the Asheville Area Arts Council