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Is a no-holds-barred coming of age encounter with female sexuality, written and performed by SILENT PARTNERS' Hilarie Burke and her daughter Calliope Porter. Movement, text, song and audio/visual collages carry the audience through a girls life into adulthood, touching on family dynamics, personal stories, biological realities, generational differences and hallmark facts that have molded our societies responses to sexuality and youth. The ephemeral video scenery by cinematographer Adam Larsen, includes the documentary work of Benjamin Porter.

" ...brilliant, funny, thoughtful, reflective, touching ....... Wow" Asheville Citizen Times.

Post performance discussions on May 30 and June 1.

SILENT PARTNERS will touch your soul and tickle your funny bone. A powerful commentary on contemporary life, these vignettes are witty, revealing, surreal, and ridiculous. Inventive choreography, text, props, and costuming enhance the intimate yet universal metaphors of the pieces.

"This show is as sweet and goofy, as provocative and contemplative, and as creatively conceived and expertly realized as any you might see this year." – Post and Courier, Charleston, SC, Piccolo Spoleto Festival 2000

All ages enjoy the flurry of characters, props, costumes, and masks and the unique use of sound in these pieces that use metaphor to delve into the world of human experience. Through characters like two tough guys who have to figure out how to share a bench in "Snooze" to the adolescent students exploring the world of relationships in "Minor Distractions," these sketches address themes of sharing, nonviolence, tolerance, peer pressure, and self-esteem.

"Excellent performance, very entertaining, The 700 students were intensely involved during the performance." – Western Harnett Middle School, Harnett County, NC

Grade-school students are fascinated by Mr. Bear and Mrs. Crow, Clarice Camel, Mr. Hippo, and Lorenzo Ostrich in this narrated series adapted from Arnold Lobel's book of contemporary fables. Performed in body puppets and colorful costuming, these tales offer important lessons on thinking for yourself, personal satisfaction, overconsumption, and prejudice. Fables can include an audience participation piece.

"The very attentive children didn't want to miss anything... They were spellbound - and so were the teachers!" – Peabody School, Washington, DC