All ages enjoy the flurry of characters, props, costumes, and masks and the unique use of sound in these pieces that use metaphor to delve into the world of human experience. Through characters like two tough guys who have to figure out how to share a bench in "Snooze" to the adolescent students exploring the world of relationships in "Minor Distractions," these sketches address themes of sharing, nonviolence, tolerance, peer pressure, and self-esteem. Performances for middle and high school students include pieces from the adult repertory..

"Excellent performance, very entertaining. The 700 students were intensely involved during the performance." – Western Harnett Middle School, Harnett County, NC

Montage can be performed as a 45-minute to two-hour show. Pieces from the repertory are selected according to the age range of the audience.

Kindergarten –
This classic mannequin-come-to-life story makes a statement about wishing for what you don't have. The mannequin, portrayed as a fancy-dressed doll, is envied by a not-so-fancy little girl. To fulfill the girl's desire, the doll comes to life, only to turn the girl into a robotic soulless replica of herself.

Kindergarten – Adult

Two street-smart tough guys must share the same park bench and end up taking a nap! The contrast between their vulnerable though unwitting sharing while they snooze and their aggressive uncompromising attitudes when they are awake is a statement about pretense, sharing, and getting along.

Kindergarten – Adult
Through the metaphor of children playing with large blocks, two friends progress through a complex relationship. Issues of competition, unconditional love, and greed are explored as one character consistently maintains a sense of self despite the influence of an obsessive "friend."

6th Grade – Adult
A woman's obsession with her job is challenged when her briefcase comes alive and makes advances toward her. This humorous piece addresses the perils of being ruled by one's work. Another interpretation concerns the male/female power model, as the woman has to maintain her dignity and composure under a difficult situation in which a "man" (her briefcase) makes increasingly unwanted demands of her. The woman prevails in the end.

4th Grade – Adult

This tongue-in-cheek piece plays with animal behavior – both human and canine. Two characters interchange roles between dog and owner, juxtaposing similar responses to scent, etiquette, personal hygiene, territoriality, and the desire to please.

4th Grade – Adult

In three segments, the actors play female and male roles as they explore some of the feelings and nuances of common adolescent courting scenes within the school setting: telling friends who you like, standing next to that person without revealing your feelings, and reading a letter from your love interest in school.

3rd Grade – Adult
This piece deals with the complex ways cultures appropriate styles of dress, speech, music, and interaction from each other and examines the role the dominant culture plays in this exchange. Two characters are dressed in contrasting costumes – one is black and white and angular, and the other is colorful and circular. As the piece progresses, the two characters offer and steal (appropriate) parts of each other's costumes and movement styles as they move through an array of personal interactions. The end is a bittersweet surprise!

6th Grade – Adult

This piece is a romp through the tape in our heads that is constantly telling us what to do. It opens with a girl who is authoritatively "pushed" around by a gigantic hand. As the sketch develops, ensemble choreography reflects the relationship between fitting in and scapegoating in our mass psyche.

8th Grade – Adult

An innocent know-it-all brings home a "pet" – a head in a cage. She proceeds to care for the pet according to expert advice. Unable to see the real needs of the pet, her actions become abusive while she fully believes she is taking good care of her charge.

Kindergarten – Adult
A woman purchases a novelty sweater, believing it will make her beautiful. As she tries it on she loses herself in a maze of pockets. The sweater literally swallows her. Her dilemma is a statement about advertising and the fashion industry.